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The Changing Labour Market and the Role of Guidance Professionals

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The Changing Labour Market and the Role of Guidance Professionalsiccdpp

The changing labour market was one of the themes of the 2017 International Symposium in Korea. In developed economies, increasing use of automation, the instability of work contracts, and changes in the relationships between employers and employees are significantly impacting the personal and work lives of employees.

The Tale of Two Janitors, recently published in the New York Times, is a useful pointer on how the workplace has changed.

At the Symposium, Tom Zizys and Wendy Hirsh, addressed this theme and you can find their presentations on this link 

Deborah Roseveare of the OECD also referred to world of work changes and the need for career navigation skills in the 21st century.

Ms.Ji-ae Sohn of the Ewha Women's University explained how technology and social media have impacted on the media industry.

How well are guidance professionals prepared for those workplace changes? Not very well, as the country papers told us. What do they know about such changes and how do they learn? What are the implications for the training of guidance professionals? What are the implications for workforce preparation in education and training? These are topics for another day!
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