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Careers in Combating Climate Change

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Careers in Combating Climate Change

TU Dublin School of Architecture, Building and Environment

Climate Change is a real planetary crisis for which we have an immediate responsibility.  We know that many students are passionate about combating climate change, but do not realise there are viable and rewarding futures in the area.  In fact, now more than ever, we need talented graduates working in sustainable development.

TU Dublin students visiting the Spreefeld Cooperative Housing and Neighbourhood during their European Field Trip to Berlin in March 2024

The School of Architecture, Building and Environment delivers a number of leading, industry-oriented programmes - in Architecture, Architectural Technology, Planning and the Environment - where students can learn the skills necessary to help achieve a climate-resilient future.

The BSc (Hons) in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management

The BSc (Hons) in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management (TU835) at TU Dublin offers a real career path for students who are socially and environmentally aware, possibly good with geography, science or economics, but who may not necessarily be interested in a purely technical or scientific field of study. 

TU835 is one of Ireland’s top professionally-accredited programs, leading to a specialised, internationally recognised and highly employable degree for those who want to become directly engaged in combating climate change.  Because it is a combined programme, students have the flexibility to decide in second year whether to stream into one of two specialist and professional areas, either Spatial Planning or Environmental Management. 

 We have some of Ireland's leading experts teaching on the programme.  The programme has strong industry links, an international field trip, Erasmus connections, high levels of project-based learning, multiple field-trips and includes a structured Work Placement.

The BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology

TU831 BSc (Honours) Architectural Technology is an immersive, full-time course, which will prepare you for practice and requires attendance five days a week. A studio setting provides a structured environment in which you will work alongside other students and be exposed to a variety of teaching and learning experiences. 

An Architectural Technologist is a technical designer skilled in the application and integration of architectural and construction technologies in the building design process.

The Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) 

The TU832 Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) course prepares students for the practice of architecture. A five-year course, it covers topics such as design studio, the history of theory and criticism of architecture, environment, construction, visual and digital communications, computer applications and law. 

Architecture is the art and science of designing space. This course will suit you if you’ve got a creative aptitude for architectural design, the ability to implement your designs in practice, are interested in artistic and cultural aspects of society, and have an aptitude for technical and managerial challenges.

As part of the application process for the TU832 Bachelor of Architecture, all applicants are required to take a mandatory online Suitability Test.  Details on how to do so are available here.


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