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Bored in Class - some solutions

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Bored in Class - some solutions

As teachers, we are no strangers to those occasional wandering gazes or stifled yawns emanating from the back of the classroom.

While we might hope every moment in class is filled with fascination and intellectual discovery, the reality is that there are bound to be periods that feel less engaging.

This is particularly true for students who each carry a unique learning style, pace, and set of interests.


Things to Do When Bored in Class


Yet, even in these moments of monotony, opportunity still looms around. In fact, moments of boredom can be catalyst for our creativity, resourcefulness, and even self-directed learning.

Think back to your school days, do you remember those dreary afternoons during which the hands of the clock seemed to stand still?

I bet you wish you had a toolbox full of strategies to help navigate that boredom creatively, right? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to provide for today’s learners!

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