Introducing a handy collection featuring some of the best apps to teach elementary students coding. The apps offer a wide variety of interactive games, puzzles, quizzes, activities, creative projects, tutorials, and lessons to help elementary students develop their coding skills and become better programmers. 
Almost all of these apps do not require any prior computer science knowledge. Kids start with learning coding basics and move progressively to higher coding levels to the point where they can write their own code to design games and apps. 
Coding apps for elementary students
As elementary students engage with the coding changes and activities offered by these apps, they will learn a wide variety of coding concepts (e.g., debugging, sequencing, loops, events,  functiona, arrays, etc) and develop a number of key skills that will help them with their overall learning (e.g., problem solving, communication skills, logical thinking, strategic reasoning, higher level thinking, critical thinking, etc.).