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Benefits of Using Tablets in The Classroom

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Benefits of Using Tablets in The Classroom

Mobile tablet computers have made their way into classrooms all over the world, with mixed responses. The phrase m-learning (or mobile-learning), the next stage after e-learning, has recently made its way into education literature. A recent YouGov study showed that over three quarters of teachers are using a mobile device in school, this is a development that cannot be ignored any longer. Mobile e-learning solutions have the potential to change the ways that learning and teaching are carried out, enabling more comprehensive, collaborative, flexible and adaptive approaches.

A study carried out by Romney (2009) showed greater retention and performance in maths students using tablet PCs. Before that, Freake (2008) presented a positive report on the effectiveness and acceptability of electronic marking of physics assignments using a tablet PC. Whilst the seemingly inevitable evolution of the classroom is underway, having storage solutions to protect and power these devices becomes increasingly essential. Along with the layout, design and environment that a child is learning in. Education research is uncovering new data all the time, about how students learn, and engage with information. Being able to confidently provide both up to date technological solutions and streamlined and effective learning environments is key to all educators now and consideration has to be made about how to do this.

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