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Signs A Career In Coding Is Right for You

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Signs A Career In Coding Is Right for YouThe Guardian

If you’ve been wondering whether coding is the right career for you, check out this list of traits found in successful coders.

1. You love technology

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning that to work day-to-day in software development, you need to have a love of technology and all the possibilities it brings. Appreciating the potential that technology has to improve our lives will make your job more interesting and put you on a path for success.

2. You’re a problem solver

Problem solving is a skill that is essential in web development. Software exists to solve problems – and with every solution comes additional problems that need to be solved. You will spend most, if not all, of your time finding solutions to these problems – no matter what technology or programming language you’re using. If you enjoy the challenge of figuring things out, that’s a good sign you could be suited for this industry.

3. You love to learn

Web development is a constant learning process because technology is always evolving. To stay current in this field, you need a strong desire to push the boundaries of what you know – because what you know today may be obsolete tomorrow. Keeping up to date on what’s going on by continuing to educate yourself – following those in-the-know on Twitter, attending conferences, and reading up on the latest tools and trends – will take you far in this field.

4. You’re a perfectionist

Web developers must have an attention to detail that borders on obsessive compulsive disorder. One tiny mistake in the code can wreak havoc on a website, so you must be sure every line of code is perfect. The attitude of “it’s good enough” won’t fly in the development world.

5. You’re patient

This ties in with point #4. You need patience to be able to sift through lines and lines of code to find errors. And when you have to go back again and again to make changes to that project you’ve worked so hard to perfect because the client changed his mind – that’s proof that patience truly is a virtue.

6. You’re a people person

Contrary to the stereotype of someone hidden away with his laptop as his only friend, web development is a collaborative effort. You’ll be interacting with other team members and with clients on a regular basis, so liking people is important. It’s also crucial to be a good communicator and be able to effectively explain concepts in simple terms to those who aren’t as technically savvy as you.

7. You’re curious

The saying “curiosity killed the cat” does not apply in the world of web development. The more curious you are, the better. A good web developer should want to know how things work – and how to make them work better. In the digital world, you’re only limited by your imagination.

8. You’re self-motivated

If you find satisfaction in creating things and problem solving, just for the joy of it, then a career in coding might be right for you. Good web developers find reward in figuring things out, have the desire to keep improving their skills, and get excited over the latest tools and techniques.

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