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Design as a Career

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Design as a CareerSETU


Product Design Innovation (CW837 Level 8) is a creative and collaborative activity which uses design-led approach to identify and develop new products and services to enhance and improve people’s lives.

From the physical products we engage with every day, such as homewares, entertainment, sports and gaming electronics to specialist high-end technology tools and medical devices, all are carefully designed to be intuitive, efficient and engaging. The complex systems and interfaces which support these products are also part of a carefully considered eco-system.

Through creative problem solving, enterprise and leadership, Product Design develops deep insight into how people choose to live, work and play. Using design-thinking, research, process and practice, human-centred and elegant solutions are created to assist people engage and perform at their best.

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Industrial design (CW707 Level 7) is a creative problem solving activity focusing on humans. Through an understanding of human needs, wants, limitations and desires, product opportunities are identified, researched and solved.

Industrial designers work across many industries like electronic goods, domestic appliances, medical equipment and sports equipment as well as service systems and product interaction.

This course equips students with knowledge and skills in design, presentation, technical detailing, model making, professional practice and research.

The course blends creative problem solving design skills with business and an entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring graduates emerge with a pragmatic approach to industrial design. In Year 2 students must take either a semester-long work placement or a study abroad option.

Students develop through individual and group focused project work, helping to foster the skills required for a dynamic new product development team.

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