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Why Study Abroad: 8 Clear Reasons

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Why Study Abroad: 8 Clear Reasons

  1. Learning a new language
  2. Experience a different culture
  3. An international education
  4. Personal development/challenge
  5. Graduate/career opportunities
  6. Friendships to last a lifetime
  7. Finding new interests
  8. International travel
  9. Summary

Is studying abroad worth it?

Studying abroad outside the US can be a rewarding experience with many advantages. These include workplace-readiness, language skills, personal growth, new friendships, and more!

Study abroad benefits every student in hundreds of ways — and no, it’s not getting that perfect Insta-worthy image in front of the Eiffel Tower! We’ll share all the great reasons to study abroad and why it’s a valuable investment — not just for your personal development, but your career as well.

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