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UCC Major step to zero waste Campus

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UCC Major step to zero waste Campus


University College Cork (UCC) has prevented 1 million single-use plastic cups from going to landfill - which stacked up would equal the same height as 393 Eiffel Towers or 294 Empire State Buildings.

UCC is aiming to become a zero waste campus by 2030 and a carbon neutral campus by 2040.

Plastic pollution is a global problem. Every day, the equivalent of 2,000 garbage trucks full of plastic are dumped into the world's oceans, lakes and rivers. Plastic pollution disproportionately affects marginalised communities and communities living in proximity to plastic production and waste sites.

Eliminating 1 million plastic cups from campus

In January 2023, UCC eliminated single-use plastic in its operations throughout on campus dining, shops and vending machines. A cup deposit and return scheme and the popularity of people bringing their own reusable cups to campus have led to the university hitting this milestone in less than one year.

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