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TU880 BSc (Level 8) in Physics with Data Science

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TU880 BSc (Level 8) in Physics with Data ScienceTU Dublin

Reasons you should consider a BSc in Physics with Data Science:

• The world’s top seven analytics companies are located in Ireland (Microsoft, Google, SAS, IBM, EMC2, Accenture and Oracle).

• Forfás and the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs estimate that up to 21,000 jobs in data analytics and data science could be created here up until 2020, reaching a workforce of over 60,000.

• There is currently strong demand within the identified multinationals for graduates with skills in this area and within other sectors of the economy, including banking and insurance.

• The Irish National Skills Bulletin of 2018 indicates that the shortage in this area is acute due to its niche nature and that growth in the sector is between approximately 3% and 9% per annum.

• Data Science was the second fastest-growing profession in the US in 2017 and is expected to continue to grow apace into the future.

• Opportunities within traditional physics disciplines which increasingly use Big Data are also expanding, including in healthcare, materials research and astrophysics.


Physics with Data Science
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