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Do you think about the impact of tiredness and fatigue on learning?

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Do you think about the impact of tiredness and fatigue on learning?

What effect could these have on your training design? Well, unless you can regulate your learners' sleep patterns, tiredness may seem a little beyond your control.
For fatigued learners the challenge is to pique their interest, so that a subject becomes fascinating. However, there are a couple of useful thoughts.

CM Group has recently been working with some of our clients on projects related to sleep and fatigue and their relationship to cognitive ability and memory. Fatigue Risk Management Science Limited (FRMSc) is working with CM Group to develop and roll out the web-based version of their System for Aircrew Fatigue Evaluation (SAFE) program, which monitors aircrew work patterns for the major airlines and identifies the factors that may affect their alertness and capabilities. This and other projects have raised some interesting questions about the place of sleep and tiredness in learning.

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