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The Career Development Workforce Canada

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The Career Development Workforce Canada

The Career Development Workforce Canada

Canada is one of many countries where the career guidance sector is unregulated and not organized at a national level, with no universal application of consistent job titles, sector member definitions, or sector data tracking systems. Policymakers, employers, and the public know very little about the sector. Provincial and territorial governments receive federal funding through Labour Market Transfers which provide a pan-Canadian framework for how the majority of public funding and investment is allocated for training, upskilling, employment supports, career counselling, and job search assistance.


As a result, each province and territory has different career service providers, programs, and other supports, as well as accompanying monitoring, assessment, professional development, and reporting systems. Added to this complexity are different funding pathways for providing services and supports to specific population groups, such as newcomers and immigrants, people with disabilities, and individuals who identify as Indigenous. There are also private and independent providers of career services that are funded by the recipient of the service. 


Hidden Sector, Hidden Talent, is a research report of the mapping of the career development sector across Canada. It includes:

·         a sector scoping model

·         a national portrait of the sector

·         profiles of the career development ecosystems across the 13 provinces and territories

·         a discussion of high level impact metrics and recommendations.

The key aims of this report include to increase the awareness of all Canadians of career development as a public good. The sector scoping model presented is definitely worth a look!


The report is available in Executive Summary and Full Report forms.

John McCarthy, Director, ICCDPP
23 March 2024

Sharing developments and progress in our field benefits everyone

ICCDPP wishes to acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Children and Education, Denmark, and the Canadian Career Development Foundation

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