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The Advantages of eLearning

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The Advantages of eLearning

With the brand new ICDL Profile Packs, your learners are now automatically given access to eLearning across most ICDL modules. But what can eLearning offer your learners alongside their classroom training?

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A chance to go over topics

eLearning offers learners a chance to progress at their own pace. It offers a way of catching up if some learners need more time to go over an area of difficulty or if they were absent for a class.

Using eLearning at home or at work can help learners to reinforce the course content in their own time, fitting around work and other personal responsibilities.

Building confidence

eLearning gives confidence to learners who may need more time – whether they are less confident in their digital skills to begin with or perhaps they’re taking the course in a language that isn’t their mother tongue.

Learners have the freedom to discover, fail and repeat learning in their own time which helps build their confidence when they are back in the classroom setting. Additionally, all learners now receive three diagnostic tests that can be used throughout the course duration to test their knowledge progression.

Improved retention

Offering your learners eLearning alongside their classroom course will give them another chance to reinforce their new skills and retain what they have learnt.

For kinaesthetic learners, eLearning allows an opportunity to go over the course content again themselves as many times as they like in the way they learn best.

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