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Teagasc Equine Newsletter
Autumn 2022
Autumn - a time for reflection and learning perhaps?
Short Courses in Equine Breeding/Reproduction and Equine Health Matters
Two short courses are available for the autumn/winter months ahead.
Equine Breeding / Reproduction course: suited to the new/ inexperienced sport horse breeder. Delivered as a blended course via both Zoom (online) and On Farm.
Equine Health Management: suited to the new/ inexperienced horse owner, and those who want to 'brush up' on their knowledge. Although with an emphasis on breeding stock, much of the information is relatable also to other categories of stock.
Both delivered as a blended course via both Zoom (online), on farm workshop day, and accompanying course manual.
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Some Autumn Time Checks on the Farm
Autumn is a good time to make sure that housing is ready to receive animals for the winter ahead if not already completed during the summer months. It is also a time to plan some routine health checks, when foals are weaned, and when nutrition should be reassessed ahead of the winter period.
Let's Talk Equine webinar returns
Let's Talk Equine Webinar - Tuesday October 4th 2022 at 8.30pm
In the October episode of Let's Talk Equine, Wendy Conlon, Teagasc Equine Specialist will be joined by Barry O'Connor international sport horse agent, and coach to discuss the reality of trading horses for a living.
Register ahead for the upcoming webinar if you haven't previously registered for the series by following the link below. Previous webinars are also available to watch back.
ISH Young Breeders Top of the World
139 competitors represented 20 studbooks at the 2022 World Championships hosted by JongKWPN in Ermelo, Holland during July 2022. The Irish team of eight emerged as World Champion Studbook team (junior and senior results combined). Other notable achievements included: Junior Team World Champions; Senior Team Bronze; Overall Individuals (Jnr and Snr combined) - Aoife Kirby 6th; Shane Donohoe 7th; Edward Hennessy 12th; Maria Cairns 14th; Annie Madden 19th; Camilla Snow Coyne 24th; Junior Individuals - Aoife Kirby 2nd; Shane Donohoe 3rd; Edward Hennessy 6th; Camilla Snow Coyne 12th; Senior Individuals – Maria Cairns 8th; Annie Madden 10th.
Training has re-opened for the 2022/2023 season for all interested 15-25 year olds wishing to get involved. An enthusiastic group attended training at Hartwell Stud on Septebmer 11th (image above). Future training activities will be announced on the website and Facebook (ISH Young Breeders).
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Let's Talk more about Strangles !
Strangles is a disease caused by Streptococcus equi, a bacteria. The infection can range greatly in its signs and symptoms from no symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms, to severe and even fatal consequences.
The disease doesn’t discriminate – no matter whether your yard is large / small, or if you are experienced or a relatively new owner. It transmits through direct contact between animals or indirectly via equipment, people hands and clothing and can affect any age, sex, or breed of horse/pony.
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Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Initiatives (funds)
A variety of breeding initiatives funded by Horse Sport Ireland close for application on September 30th. It is important to consult the eligibility criteria for these schemes in relation to among other matters the performance criteria, and classification/ registration status of the animals concerned. Some of the schemes are eligible for ponies as well as sport horses.
Schemes include:
  • Thoroughbred Percentage Scheme (Foals)
    • have you bred a foal with more than 70% thoroughbred blood?
  • Mare Upgrade Scheme
    • provides assistance to purchase a performance filly / mare for breeding purposes
  • X-Ray Screening Scheme
    • are you undertaking x-rays of a filly / mare aged 2 to 5 years ?
  • Embryo Transfer Scheme
    • did you breed a 3 year old or older mare using embryo transfer ?
  • Breaking and Schooling Scheme
    • provides funding assistance for up to two horses per breeder (fillies; young mares and stallions aged 3-6 years)
  • Stallion Health Screening Scheme
    • includes screening for sport horse stallions standing in Ireland for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA); Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA); Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM); and Fragile Foal Syndrome (FFS)
All schemes operate on a first come first served basis up to the maximum allocation facilitated by the existing budget allocation.
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Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme (ACRES) is Ireland's new agri-environment scheme to help address biodiversity decline. The scheme has two approaches, ACRES General (max payment €7,311/yr) and ACRES Co-operation (max payment €10,500/yr) .
Farmers can check the ACRES scheme they are eligible for through , under the ‘ACRES Access Agreement’ button, or text DAFM on 50124 with the message ‘DAFM ACRES’ followed by herd number.
To be eligible to participate, an applicant must:
• Be aged 18 years or over on date of submission of the application
• Be the holder of an active business identity. Herd ‘owner’ status is required. 'Herd Keeper' is not acceptable
• Have all lands farmed declared in the applicant’s name on the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)
• Have submitted a valid BPS 2021 application
• All lands brought into the scheme must be declared in the applicant’s 2022 BPS and declared on the applicant’s Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS) scheme application for all subsequent years of participation.
If participating in other environmental schemes, may apply for ACRES, but if approved may have payments adjusted in either scheme to ensure no double funding takes place.
The scheme includes payments for conservation of rare breeds (equine: Kerry Bog Pony, Connemara Pony, and Irish Draught (€200/animal; €75 registered progeny) - must have purebred offspring at least once in three year period. Must have current membership of breed society at time of application. Discuss with your advisor.
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