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Teaching Tips

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Teaching Tips

Plus, A Critical Thinking Framework for Elementary Students 
George Lucas Educational Foundation
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Using Discussion as a Summative Assessment

Verbal participation in discussions is a tried-and-true formative assessment, but it can also be rubric-based and summative.


A Critical Thinking Framework for Elementary Students

Guiding young students to engage in critical thinking fosters their ability to create and engage with knowledge.


6 Ways to Capture Students’ Attention

Teachers can use insights from neuroscience to help ensure that learners stay engaged during class and are more likely to retain information.


6 Tips for Using Google Tools to Teach Writing

These strategies for organizing writing assignments increase students’ independence and confidence and reduce teachers’ grading time.


Achieving Balance as a Time-Starved School Leader

Making these intentional choices at and after school can help set administrators up for long-term success.


What Can Teachers Subtract From Their Workloads?

Cutting back on things that wear teachers down can make a real difference in their well-being and professional outlook.


How to Use Chunking in the Classroom

Chunking information—breaking it down into manageable units and scaffolding it with activities—makes learning more accessible.


What Mentors and Mentees Wish the Other Knew

A teacher who transitioned from mentee to mentor in just one summer offers strategies that can make mentoring productive for all involved.


Implementing Peer-to-Peer

Professional development created by colleagues can inspire growth and ensure that support is as current and relevant as possible.


Making Physical Education More Well-Rounded

Adding practices like reflective journaling, Socratic seminars, and team-building games to gym class is a perfect way for kids to learn and practice key SEL skills.

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