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Roman Inventions that stood the test of time

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Roman Inventions that stood the test of timeLive Science

Ancient Roman inventions and innovations didn't collapse with the Roman Empire. Although many millennia have passed, the masterful work of the Romans can still be spotted in daily life.

With an empire that spanned most of Europe, western Asia, northern Africa and the Mediterranean, according to the journal Science, the Romans held enormous power and influence in the ancient world. From the 8th century B.C. when Rome was founded — to the Western Empire's collapse in the 5th century, Roman technology influenced some of the tools, architecture and city structure of the modern world.

The Romans were masters of early environmental engineering, for example using water and their knowledge of physics to produce energy for mills, according to the journal Nature. Meanwhile, down on the farm, they were able to maximize their crop yields  By using crop rotations and the 'food, feed, fallow' system, according to the journal Agronomic Crops. Splitting farms into these three allotments ensured there were always crops ready to pick.

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