Nicci Daly is a mechanical engineer, an international hockey player and a motorsport enthusiast who has recently established her own female racing team called FormulaScience Foundation IrelandFemale. She attempts to increase awareness and participation of females in motorsport.

Last year the country came to a standstill when the Irish women’s hockey team were the surprise runners up at the Women’s Hockey World Cup in London. After a magnificent tournament and an incredibly exciting homecoming the ladies are now preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Nicci Daly is not only an outstanding player on that hockey team; she is also a Mechanical Engineer who has worked hard to pave her way in another sport- motor racing.

She tells us about her passion for both sports and explains how a love of racing eventually led to a career in it. But more importantly, she explains the difficult path to becoming an engineer and how she almost quit several times, because of the challenges she faced.

“In school, I was told to stay away from STEM and when I went for my appointment with the career’s guidance teacher there was a big X on the sheet next to engineering, so I never picked a Science subject for Leaving Cert,” she says.

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