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Preparing for Online Teaching

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Preparing for Online TeachingeLearning Industry

Whatever the future of Covid-19 it is certain that Online Teaching will remain with us into the future. It probably took a pandemic for most of us to realise that the technology required is already here, what might take a little longer is building our ability to manage a teaching environment that is not based in traditional classrooms. Our teaching skills will need updating to allow us take full advantage of the new environment. We need to get to see this as a great opportunity and not just a way of keeping in touch with our students in a crisis.

According to the Washington Post, the past five years have seen a significant growth in the shift to online education for reasons such as easier access and general flexibility. This growth opens up new avenues of income and career advancement for teachers like yourself. Shifting from classroom teaching to online teaching is an adjustment, no doubt, but with a little research and practice, you too can gain the flexibility and easy access that the students themselves are searching for.

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