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New podcast on Chemistry - UCC

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New podcast on Chemistry - UCC

A new University College Cork (UCCpodcast – The Periodic Table of People – aims to break down the world of chemistry, so that students seeking to study or work in this wonderful field can learn more about science.

The main aim of studying chemistry is to understand the chemistry itself; however, all too often, outside of the science and next steps are left out. The Periodic Table of People aims to fill this gap and illustrate the extensive career and study options available.

The podcast, funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund, will detail chemistry in universities around Ireland and the UK. Tips and tricks for effective study and choosing the right study environment will be shared, and interviews with experienced chemists will offer advice on selecting the course most suited to students' specific needs. For undergraduate students looking to continue their studies, season 1 will explore various areas for chemistry research. Season 2 will focus on diversity in chemistry and allow students to enter the workforce to explore possible career options.

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