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New Courses in Dunboyne CFE

New courses for 2019/20Dunboyne CFE


New Courses

Brief description

Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing This one-year course will aim to prepare participants for work with people in healthcare settings, hospitals, respite care facilities, social care, community development or residential setting where nutritional, general health or mental health support is required.


Pre-Primary/Pre-Seconday Teaching This one-year course,similar to our other arts programme,aims to prepare participants for entrance into Arts programmes in Irish universities and colleges but also lay foundations for those who want to pursue a career as either a primary or secondary teacher.


Pre-University Business Law This one-year course will aim to prepare participants for entrance into law and arts programmes in Irish universities and colleges.


Pre-University Sports and Food SciencePre-University Sports and Food Science This new one-year course will prepare students for the ever-expanding world of quality food production as well as linking the course to a sports industry that is quickly embracing the world of nutrition and dietetics.


Online Marketing/eBusiness This one-year course is an ideal entry level qualification for all aspects of the growing online marketing sector in Ireland.


Graphic Design This one-year course will aim to offer participants an introduction to the world of graphic design which is one of the fastest growing areas in the industry.


Media and Film Production This course offers learners the opportunity to develop knowledge and essential skills in the various fields of Media Production.


Animal Science  This one year course is a natural follow on form the Level 5 in animal care and focuses on businesses and organisations involved in animal management. Students can both develop skills valuable for the animal care industry or work towards managing a business of their own. Practical and supervisory skills as well as work experience in a relevant industry are central to the course. There are many third level links for those who want to pursue further study in this area


Modules Offered

  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Animal Science and Health
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Kennel and Cattery Management
  • Canine Obedience and Training
  • Investigative Studies
  • Business Management


Progression Opportunities

This award can be used for progression and sometimes advanced entry to courses in Dundalk, Letterkenny, Athlone, Tralee or Waterford IT colleges or to a course in UCD in Agricultural Science or Veterinary Nursing. It can also be used to obtain very relevant employment in pet shops, boarding kennels, catteries, animal welfare organisations, stable yards, or animal clinics,

Entry Requirements

QQI Level 5 in Animal care 5M 2768


Advanced Business/Tourism with Business/Equine Business This award is designed to enable the successful learners to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and function of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship within an organisation and in the growing Irish and international business sector.

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