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Maths Skills for Chemistry

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Royal Society of ChemistryChemists need a good understanding of basic mathematical concepts including numerical calculations, algebraic functions and data handling skills in order to succeed in chemistry.

In this course you will learn about the core mathematical ideas that are required for a deep understanding of chemistry. You will have opportunities to practise the mathematical ideas, apply them to chemical contexts and explore some of the common mathematical misconceptions. There will also be opportunities to consider some of the problems that a lack of mathematical understanding can cause chemistry students.

After working through this course you will be able to:

  • become more confident in your own understanding of the maths used by chemists;
  • appreciate how the mathematical ideas develop and progress throughout secondary education;
  • develop an understanding of the difficulties faced by students when trying apply mathematical ideas to chemical problems;
  • become more confident and competent in teaching mathematical aspects of chemistry to secondary aged students; and
  • be equipped with a range activities and resources to support students in using maths in chemistry.

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