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Lifelong Guidance Governance, Strategy, and Cooperation - Finland (2024)

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Lifelong Guidance Governance, Strategy, and Cooperation - Finland (2024)

This is an excellent PowerPoint presentation on lifelong guidance in Finland, created by representatives of two ministries (Ms Ulla-Jill Karlsson, Ministry of Education and Culture and Ms Anna Toni, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment), and recently presented online at a National Conference on Career Development in South Africa organised by the Department for Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The presentation briefly traces the history and demographics of Finland, and contains the following sections:

  1. Governance of lifelong guidance (stakeholder coordination, national and regional leadership and cooperation)
    2. National Lifelong Guidance Strategy (international and national influences)
    3. Multi-sectoral approaches (one door multi-sector service  for  youth, with support also from the Ministry for Social Affairs and Health).

These describe key developments, features for further development, along with thought -provoking questions for stakeholders.

John McCarthy, Director, ICCDPP

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