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Why Join Student Unions, Clubs & Societies in College

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Why Join Student Unions, Clubs & Societies in CollegeAHEAD

Student Unions

Every college has a Student Union which is the representative body for the students of the college. You automatically become a member when you first registered with the college. Depending your college, the Student Union can have two full-time officers, the President and the Vice-President (who can act as the Welfare and/or Education Officer), and a range of part-time officers from Disability Officers to Equality Officers.

What do Student Unions do?

As the students' representative body, the Student Union is involved in many student issues concerning both its own college and students' rights in general. The Student Union is also a valuable source of information on many issues ranging from accommodation to financial or welfare advice and often run awareness weeks. As a student of the college, you have the right to run for election and to vote for Student Union officers, thereby having a say in how the union represents your interests.

Most Student Unions have their own dedicated website or social media page so make sure you check them out to stay updated with the latest events and news.

Clubs & Societies

Your social life is just as important as your academic pursuits and it can improve when you join a college club or society as they provide a good opportunity to meet new people outside of your class and to pursue various interests. They are run by students, for students and usually there is a wide variety of clubs and societies to choose from.

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