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Joe’s Jotter: Should I Persevere with Higher Level Maths in 2023

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Joe’s Jotter: Should I Persevere with Higher Level Maths in 2023ACE


More students over the last few years have taken on the task that is Leaving Cert Higher Maths. In June 2022, out of the 57,347 who sat a Leaving Certificate Mathematics Paper, 21,265 of them opted for higher level (37%).

Even though the bonus points are very enticing, students need to be careful and be fully aware of what exactly they are embarking on. In my experience, there is a lingering doubt among many 5th and 6th years about being able to tackle higher Maths.

Scoring low grades in class tests doesn’t really do much for confidence, but it doesn’t automatically mean you should change level.

The question is: Should you remain battling higher level Maths or is it worth the time and effort at all? Click the link below for full analysis...

Click here for full article ...


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