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Ireland's Changing Climate

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Report Shines Spotlight On Ireland's Changing Climate

The evidence is clear, global climate change means Ireland is warmer and wetter.

 Met Éireann (MÉ), the Marine Institute (MI) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have published a report on “The Status of Ireland’s Climate”.  This is the second comprehensive analysis of “essential” climate data collected in Ireland.  It confirms and updates findings from the 2012 report and details how global changes are being reflected in our atmosphere, oceans and our landscape. The report was prepared by MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine hosted by University College Cork and funded by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Met Éireann (MÉ) and the Marine Institute (MI).

The observations carried out and the monitoring data collated in coordination with GCOS Ireland represents Ireland’s long standing contribution to the international scientific effort of providing the fundamental data needed to monitor our changing climate.   GCOS Ireland oversees the collection of scientific data on more than 40 Essential Climate Variables, identified by the UNFCCC, across atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial domains.

Highlighting the importance of the Status of Ireland’s Climate report Eoin Moran, Director, Met Éireann said:

“As citizens in Ireland and around the world are now seeing the impacts of Climate Change, through evermore extreme weather events, fires and flooding etc; high quality observations of the climate are crucial to help inform society’s response to the Climate Emergency. Scientific long term monitoring of the climate underpins climate research and the development of climate services which support policy making and decision making in the face of the urgency of the climate crisis.

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