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International Trends and Innovation in Career Guidance

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International Trends and Innovation in Career Guidanceiccdpp

European Training Foundation (Etf)   in Memory of Helmut Zelloth
ETF published 2 volumes under this title in Autumn 2020.

In Volume 1, the authors, from their perspectives, identify and describe 4 mega-trends in career guidance: the use of ICT for career guidance delivery; career learning-the teaching and acquisition of career management skills; inter-ministerial coordination and cooperation in policy and systems development; and engaging parents in the career guidance process. Examples are drawn from three selected ETF partner countries – Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Volume 2 consists of short examples of these mega-trends drawn from a much wider selection of countries across all continents: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia/NZ, and Europe. The examples are described according to (i) context, (ii) content, (iii) impact and effectiveness, and (iv) challenges and future developments.

These two volumes are useful reference books for people who wish to examine examples of these mega-trends from countries that are at different starting points in terms of career guidance policies, systems, and practices.

The two volumes are dedicated to the late Helmut Zelloth, ETF Senior Specialist for career guidance who coordinated and supervised the development of the two volumes.

Helmut's contribution to career guidance spanned the European Commission's Expert Group on Lifelong Guidance, the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, the Inter-Agency Group of international organisations, and the Executive Board of The International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy.

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