When it comes to learning, most of today’s technology and methodology is centered around formal programs. This can include an elearning initiative at a company, curriculum for live classroom training, and everything in between.

The trouble with informal learning is that it can be difficult to measure – if at all. However, it is also possible for informal learning to have a more significant impact on organizational performance.Often informal learning is self-initiated. The learner is motivated to find the answer to “something” and they go about a variety of ways to learn the information. This can mean asking a colleague, searching online, or watching a video.

Informal learning is always happening. As the infographic below states (originally created by Good Practice), roughly 46% of employees spend anywhere from one to 30 minutes per day on informal learning.

Perhaps the statistic that is even more telling is that only 6% of employees indicate spending zero time on informal learning. This leaves a whopping 94% engaged in some form of informal learning each day.

An organization that can gain better understanding into the informal learning that takes place among their employees will be in a better competitive position than those that do not.

For more facts and figures relating to informal learning, reference the following infographic:


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