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Humans are Ingesting Microplastics

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A new study has found that humans are ingesting microplasticsCLIMATE_ACTION

The study, commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency and the Medical University of Vienna, has found microplastics in the human stool.

The international study involved five women and three men aged 33-65 who lived in different parts of the world. They kept a nutrition diary for one week and then gave a stool sample.

The study found that all participants consumed plastic-packed food or beverages from PET bottles, the majority of them consumed fish or seafood and no one was fed on exclusively vegetarian food.

The Federal Environment Agency analysed the participants stool in the laboratory with regard to ten of the most widely used plastics in the world. For the eight people studied, on average 20 microplastics particles per 10 grams of stool were found.

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