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How to improve your study methods

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How to improve your study methods


While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to studying effectively, there are methods you can use to improve your recall and long-term memory.

Remember: everyone has different learning techniques. What works for other students may not work for you.

Just keep trying until you discover the best way to study.

    • 1. Get organised
    • 2. Don’t skip class!
    • 3. Take notes
    • 4. Talk to your teacher & ask questions
    • 5. Space out your studying
    • 6. Create a study plan – & stick to it
    • 7. Don’t just re-read but study
    • 8. Set up a quiet study space
    • 9. Test yourself
    • 10. Find a study buddy or join a study group

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