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How Smaller Learning Activities Can Make Your Learning Smarter

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How Smaller Learning Activities Can Make Your Learning Smarter And More Effective

One of the most common mistakes in eLearning is that authors create modules that are way too large. Research shows that the ideal duration of a module is 15 to 30 minutes. Of course this depends on audience, topic, and degree of interactivity. But smaller is better, that much is clear. This creates challenges for the eLearning author; what to do if you have 10 hours of learning material? But it also opens up possibilities for spaced learning and adaptive learning. In this article I will describe possible solutions like learning paths and learning GPS and I will add a future outlook to that.

Bite Size Is The Right Size

Smaller is better, this has always been the case and today that is even more so. More and more learning is done through mobile devices. They are suitable for a short video or quiz, but not for an extensive module. Therefore you have to create small pieces of eLearning: They are called learning nuggets or learning snacks. Make sure that you cut up your learning material in these small pieces. They will suit mobile devices and they will give all the learners a better learning experience.

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