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FIT’s School Programme Called ‘Choose Tech'

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FIT’s School Programme Called ‘Choose Tech'FIT


FIT’s school programme called ‘choose tech’ continues to make its mark throughout many DEIS & Youthreach centres as part of a two year pilot covering the Dublin area.

The programme was set up to increase inclusion & diversity in pre-tech & tech apprenticeships & the tech sector in general.
The main objective for the programme is to increase take up of the pre-tech & tech apprenticeships by:
• Helping Educators/Youth Leaders to be more informed about the vibrant tech sector and the roles available in Ireland.
• Inspiring young people to have fun with technology and to find subjects that interest them.
• Providing clear information to students & their educators/leaders on the pathways available including apprenticeships.
• Helping young people to dispel any barriers they have of themselves & increase their understanding of tech roles.

The programme is split into the following:
1. Online self-directed modules – 70 subjects to choose from and once completed learners can earn digital badges for their CV.
2. Choose Tech Resource Pack
3. FIT Career Pathways Workshops – interactive sessions outlining opportunities in tech, Experience from young tech apprentices & details on pathways.
4. Near Peer Engagements – which is structured interactions between students and tech professionals

More details are available on:
Email: [email protected]

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