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Audio Design for Video Games

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Audio Design for Video Games -The audio design for video games minor groups related required and elective courses in order to prepare an electronic production and design student for a professional career as an audio lead and/or audio designer for video games.

To prepare for such a career path, a student must master a variety of advanced sound design, synthesizer programming, digital signal processing (DSP), and sampling techniques, audio recording and manipulation (including dialog production, Foley, and music cue editing and placement), sound layering, and mixing audio elements for stereo and surround playback.

A student must also learn how to conceive, design, build, and test interactive audio systems and routines, and develop skills in audio implementation; a unique process of integrating and triggering sound effects and music layers in a non-linear environment such as a video game, as opposed to the fixed, linear timelines found in film and television formats.

Video game production at the professional level requires members of a creative team to adhere to long arcs of milestone-based project management, strict deadlines, professionalism, and effective communication skills in a pressure-filled environment.

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