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Do you have an Ergonomic Workplace?

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Do you have an Ergonomic Workplace?eLearning Industry

Ergonomics is the science of altering your workplace to maximise your comfort. It reduces discomfort, increases productivity, and efficiency. Think about your computer monitor’s angle and your desk’s height. Does typing every day strain your wrists or staring at the screen hurt your eyes? In-depth knowledge of ergonomics could help prevent workplace injuries and long-term pains merely by making some adjustments that suit you.

Ergonomics emphasises posture, helping reduce the long-term effects of various repetitive motions. The frequent use of computers and constant changes in technology are arguably the biggest reasons why everyone should consider having an ergonomic workspace.

Whether it's at your home or your office, lighting, keyboards, monitors, chairs, and desks are among a few things that you should assess when making changes to your workstation.

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