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Designing online content

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Designing online contentAHEAD

When designing online content, I have a general philosophy of ‘divide-and-explain’, so once I’ve decided on what I’m going to teach, I look at how I can ‘chunk’ the content into smaller units, and then I explore how I can explain (and over-explain) each chunk:

The ‘divide’ phase applies to all teaching content; so for example, when you are recording a video, if you realise it’s going to be 30 minutes long, you could look at ways of chunking it into four shorter videos, because it might be unrealistic to expect students to pay attention for 30 minutes in one sitting. If you have a PowerPoint presentation that has 40 slides in it, can you check if it is possible to divide it into three smaller presentations? When you are giving out a handout of 10 pages, can you see if there a way to create three or four smaller handouts instead?

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