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CV's in Other Countries

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CV's in Other Countries

Applying for a role overseas can be a highly rewarding and liberating experience, allowing you to see into a new culture, challenge yourself and learn an array of new skills.

However, the job application process can vary wildly between jobs and, if applicants are not aware of what employers are expecting, they could find it hard to display their true potential.

To improve your chances of finding a new job, we looked at the job application processes from a range of countries around the world. We compared a whole host of factors, including how a CV is structured, what the typical job application process consists of, the key dos and don'ts and some interesting facts for the job market in 12 countries, ranging from the US to Saudi Arabia and Japan.

By asking employees in each of the aforementioned countries, we found some interesting and useful information for people thinking about making a move overseas. For example, did you know that LinkedIn is blocked in Russia, or that South Korean employers ask for applicant's height, weight and date of birth? In China, handshakes are not the norm. Instead, applicants should extend a slight bow, but only if their interviewer does so first.
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