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CV Writing Tips for Graduates

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CV Writing Tips for GraduatesEteach

Writing a CV as a graduate can be a challenging task. With little experience and limited exposure to the job market, it can be very difficult for junior job seekers to craft an attractive CV. With this in mind, Inspiring interns have teamed up with StandOut CV to create the 6 CV Writing Tips for Graduates Infographic

When writing your CV it can be tempting to opt for a flamboyant design to catch the eye of recruiters, but it’s best to keep it simple. Elaborate fonts and a CV plastered with images and logos can detract from the important content on the page. Use a clean simple font and ensure that your CV is easily read by all viewers. Before you start writing your CV, you need to do some thorough research to discover exactly what your desired employers are looking for in a candidate. Hit the job websites and scan company websites to learn the exact skills, knowledge and experience you need to highlight in your CV – then create an instant impact by adding these key terms to the top section of your CV.

Many graduates will lack direct work experience so you must compensate for this by adding skills gained from non-work based activities. List school projects, voluntary work and work placements to show valuable skills like organisation, planning and teamwork. Sell yourself by adding a professional personal statement to highlight your most valuable talents and always introduce yourself with a cover letter. If you have any impressive interests such as blog writing or marathon running, then be sure to add them to your CV to prove your hard work and dedication.

6 CV Writing Tips for Graduates Infographic
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