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Coding in Junior Cert curriculum

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Coding in Junior Cert curriculumSiliconrepublic

The push to get coding onto the Junior Cert curriculum in Ireland is making steady progress behind the scenes, with schools up and down the country starting to implement classes.

Last month, Intel hosted a get together that might prove more significant than it first looked, with more than 50 teachers from around the country learning how best to teach coding to kids.

Armed with 900 Galileo Gen 2 Boards – more than enough for the 19 schools trialling the new coding short courses – they were then sent back to their various schools to spread the word.

It’s part of a vast approach to overhaul the Junior Cert cycle, with pretty much everything up for discussion at the moment. But, while English and science get evaluated out in the open, it’s coding that is already trialling in the background.

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Videos to help get children coding

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