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Children and the Online World

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Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents

Parenting is not an easy job, especially these days. Not only do we need to keep our kids safe from physical dangers and harm, but we also need to instruct them on how to be good people offline and online. Let this digital citizenship guide be another resource in your parenting tool belt to help raise happy, healthy children into adults.

Children in a Digital Age

Our children are being raised in a very different landscape than we were. Their lives are steeped in technology from a very young age. Therefore, even if we are not technical experts, we do need to help our kids learn how to behave online to respect others and know all about the benefits and dangers of this connected, digital world.

Why Digital Literacy is Important for Kids?

Teaching children how to use digital devices, services, and social media is critical because they will be living in that world, long after we are gone. Just as we teach them the dangers of crossing the road, we must also inform them about cyberbullying, online stalkers, ransomware, phishing, and other risks lurking just below the surface of the internet.

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