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Changes to B. Comm and the Spanish requirement

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Changes to B. Comm and the Spanish requirement

Planned Change for GY201, GY204 and GY209 at University of Galway (related to studying Spanish with the BComm)


There is a planned  change for CAO 2026 to a Leaving Cert entry requirement for GY204 B.Comm (International with Spanish) at University of Galway. At present, a H4 in a modern European language other than Irish or English is required. This will remain unchanged for CAO 2024 and 2025. In 2026, this requirement will change to a H4 in Spanish. This change will not affect current Leaving Certs or Fifth Years but may be important to note for students who are choosing subjects for Leaving Cert 2026.


A further planned change is that Beginners Spanish will no longer be available as an option on GY201 B.Comm or GY209 B.Comm (Global Experience) for students enrolling from 2026 onwards."

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