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Career Learning Instruments: France

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Career Learning Instruments: France

For Neets, Early School Leavers, And Students With Learning Difficulties

An Empowerment Based Approach

"Nothing succeeds like observed success" is a phrase that I learned from my professor of applied psychology back in the 1970s! These words came to mind again in recent interactions with Pascal Chaumette, the director of ID6, a French innovation centre for the development of career learning tools established in 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Full Employment, and Work Entry.

Diagoriente, their signature product to date, enables users to identify the competences that they use in their daily lives, competences that are transversal by nature and which are used in occupational settings. Users can build their competence profiles and match these against occupational profiles, seek validation for such competences from significant adults in different spheres of their lives, develop a CV based on the profile, make contact with employers and training organisations, and ultimately be engaged in employment or in a training programme. Diagoriente is a user-friendly pedagogical web based tool that is most effective as part of a career learning programme with individualised and/or group work support. 

The focus on individual empowerment is based on Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) which emphasises the development of self-efficacy and self-image as important steps in motivating career behaviour and engagement.

User feedback research and career practitioner feedback is continuously undertaken to refine the tool and also to apply it to other settings such as employment (including reconversion) and training, and to other target groups e.g. long-term unemployed, school students. Developed by a multidisciplinary team (digital pedagogy, economics, psychology), it uses open source code.

For further information on Diagoriente, contact [email protected]

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John McCarthy, Director, ICCDPP
29 March 2023

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