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Career Fit - Occupational Interest Inventory

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Career Fit - Occupational Interest Inventory

Career Fit is a combination of a 21st century Occupational Interests Inventory and three key Aptitude Tests that are criterion-referenced so the items are related to the difficulty level of 1,200+ up to date careers from semi-skilled to highest professional and management levels.

It is suitable for students of all academic ability levels - from those who are more practically minded to those achieving the highest academic results and for students of all levels of motivation – from those who love to study to those who find it frustrating and want to leave the educational system as soon as they can!

It generates a personalised report detailing 16 careers with a description of each, giving deeper insight into what's involved, as well as a sample list of Further Education, Higher Education, Apprenticeship or Other Option courses which help lead students to their ideal career path.

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