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Career Burnout

Career burnout is a relatively new type of stress.  According to a study published in the journal, Career Development International, “Nearly half of allForbesemployees were moderately to highly engaged in their work, but also exhausted and ready to leave their organizations.”  Is this how you feel? It’s how many people that I speak to feel. We’re a sleep deprived and overworked nation, but leaving your company isn’t always the answer to fixing your career burnout.

When we enjoy our work, it can be hard to set boundaries, and if you tend to struggle with creating work-life harmony, you may end up taking that with you. Making a career side-step, a career pivot or staying in your job field but changing employers are three ways to get out of your current situation. Until you decided on the right career move, here are some strategies to deal with the common problems at the root of career burnout.

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