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Bullying Prevention Circle wins Best Socio Cultural Film in Helsinki

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Bullying Prevention Circle wins Best Socio Cultural Film in Helsinki


I’m delighted to announce that the The Bullying Prevention Circle received ‘Best Socio-Cultural Film’ at the Helsinki Educational Film Festival International.


The production was filmed during the Covid crisis when classes had resumed at The School of Music, but most live productions were not being planned. During this time The Youth Theatre filmed The Bullying Prevention Circle. 


The film addresses bullying behaviours that can occur in the social context of schools, where bullying is rarely a one-on-one phenomena but more often part of a group process.  


The ultimate goal of The Bullying Prevention Circle is to promote ways students can prevent and/or send a message to school peers that bullying is not okay. 


Follow this link to the trailer (and hear one of the original songs made for the film by Wike Schippers!): Click here ...


The full film will be released in the new year with video and written resources that will unpack the film explaining what bullying is, the 8 types, effective bullying prevention methods and what students can do to help bullied and/or isolated students.


Thanks for your continued support!

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