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Best practice in relation to administering psychometric assessments and guidance tools

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Administering Psychometric Assessments and Guidance toolsgovie

Advice on the use of assessment instruments/tests for Guidance or for additional and special educational needs (SEN) in post-primary schools

Circular Letter 0067/2020 (Revising Circular 0058/2019)

Schools should also consider any possible impact that Covid-19 related school closures may have on student performance and their wellbeing, and on their test scores in terms of regression and reliability. For this reason it is recommended that schools allow students to settle back into school and not to administer psychometric assessments  until after the October mid-term break in 2020/21.  For the purposes of RACE applications only, schools are advised to await closing dates from the SEC and adapt the timing of the assessment practice accordingly.


Introduction - Purpose of this Circular

This Circular provides advice to post-primary schools on the appropriate use of assessment instruments/tests for Guidance and for additional and special educational needs(SEN). The Circular applies to all instances when a standardised test, either ability or achievement, is used. It provides clarification on the selection and administration of assessment instruments, the interpretation and provision of feedback on test scores and the retention of assessment information.

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