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A Career in Maths

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A Career in Maths


e16plus Newsletter March 2024

In this month’s edition of the e16plus newsletter we’ve got info to help you choose a career, as well as videos and articles showing some of the endlessly fascinating uses of Maths. It turns out that Maths can even help you pack away a Pop-up tent!

We also have our regular Prize Puzzle - if you can solve it then you’ll be in with a chance to win an exclusive IMA Water Bottle.

e16plus Newsletter Prize Puzzle March 2024

Win an exclusive IMA Water Bottle!
You can’t buy these anywhere - you will have to win one! 

Solve the following puzzle and send us your answer, providing your name and school/college/university. There is no need to send in your working out this time.
If you win we will ask you for a postal address.

March Prize Puzzle

A circle is inscribed in a triangle that has sides of length 3, 4 and 5, as in the diagram (which is not to scale).  

Find the radius of the circle.
Send your answers to [email protected] providing your name and school/college/university.
There is no age limit for entry, but you must currently be studying at a UK school/college/university in order to enter. (Postgrads and Masters students can enter too!)

Deadline 15th April 2024

February 2024 e16plus Newsletter Prize Puzzle

We are pleased to announce that our winner for this competition is

Ruby Pollard - The St Lawrence Academy in Scunthorpe
An exclusive IMA water bottle will be on its way as soon as possible! Scroll down for the solution.

Maths in your Career


Data Science

Belle Cartwright, Head of Data Solutions, talks about her career in Advertising, her story of being disabled and how A Level Mathematics helps her every day.
Find more Data Science resources which accompany Belle’s video, here on the AMSP website:

Career Profiles

Don’t forget to also check out the career profile section of the MathsCareers website. Here you will find hundreds of examples of people who have gone on to work in a huge range of different sectors.

Maths in the Real World

18 Ways NASA Uses Pi

To mark Pi Day on the 14th March, here are some of the ways that NASA uses Pi to explore Space.

Featured Videos

The Oldest Unsolved Problem in Maths

What are Perfect Numbers and do Odd Perfect numbers exist? Find out more...

Pop-up tents are weirder than you think

Steve Mould explores the maths of the Pop-up tent. If you have ever struggled to put away a Pop-up tent, you might now understand why!


Oxford University Maths Essay Competition 2024
Deadline 1st April 2024
Write about maths – any topic you like! Find out more in this Intro Video:
Further information can be found here.

Answer to previous E16plus prize puzzle – February 2024

Find the next two numbers in the sequence:

3, 3, 7, 11, 47, 123, 2207, 15131, ?, ?,…


There are two interleaved sequences:
In sequence A you take the previous term, square it and subtract 2.
In sequence B you take the previous term, square it and add 2.
The next two numbers:

Find out more about Careers

Make sure you visit Mathscareers - the UK’s most popular maths careers website.

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