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A Career in Horticulture

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What advice would you give to a potential student of horticulture?SETU

At some stage during my four years of study I came to the realisation that everything is connected on some level - we are dependent on plants for so much - food, oxygen, recreation etc., and it doesn’t matter whether we have 100 acres or just 1mwe have to look after Mother Earth, her nature and her wildlife. I’m privileged to be a horticulturist. Yes, there is a lot to learn, but with learning comes knowledge and with knowledge comes passion, and it’s that passion that can bring you anywhere.

I love nature, I love everything about it - the plants and the wildlife; I still get excited when I sow seeds, they germinate, I nurture them until they’re ready to transplant into the garden, and then watch them grow and mature. Sitting quietly in the garden watching the bees and butterflies go from flower to flower getting food, and unbeknown to them they’re pollinating my flowers, and I’m quietly saying, ‘good job’, because I’m secretly waiting for the seeds to develop and ripen so I can collect them and start the process all over again; how amazing it that….


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