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The Evidence Base on Lifelong Guidance

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iccdppWhat are the benefits of career guidance for individuals, society and the economy? What evidence supports government policy making?
What impact does career guidance have on education, training and labour market performance?

What is the evidence for policy makers to consider?

The Evidence Base on Lifelong Guidance: A Guide to Key Findings for Effective Policy and Practice provides up to date findings on the impact of career guidance in:

Vocational education and training
Higher education
Adult education

And on the following transitions:

Unemployment to work
Other kinds of return to work
Youth transitions to work
Guidance for working people
Supporting mobility
Older workers.

This guide has been produced by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network in collaboration with the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP). It may be accessed on the following links:

Short and brief summary versions are also available.

Return on Investment was a subtheme of the International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy, Iowa, USA in June 2015. You may view the country contributions, synthesis papers, presentations, and the Symposium Communique at:

ICCDPP invites contributions from you such as new developments in policy, strategy, programme, and evaluation material that can be shared internationally in future updates.  Send contributions to John McCarthy <[email protected]>.   Sharing advances in our field benefits all.


The International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (an international non-profit organisation) collects, publishes and disseminates material internationally, and in different languages, to help countries and regions/states/provinces to make better policies and strategies for career guidance for their citizens.

The material is primarily aimed at policy makers and developers, managers of career services, leaders of the career guidance professional associations, and policy evaluators.


In addition to supporting the organizing and hosting of international symposia on career development and public policy, ICCDPP aims to keep you regularly informed of new and relevant materials for policy development for career guidance through its website and through its monthly email which has a circulation of over 1500 people worldwide.



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