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iPad game to teach a language

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iPad game to teach a language

“Think Bilingual!” - Interact and Immerse, an iPad application development company that specializes in immersive language learning for children and adults,

is announcing the launch of its new game, Think Bilingual! is now available for iTunes download.


Think Bilingual! takes a unique approach to language learning. Like in an adventure game, the user is challenged to navigate immersive real-life situations. In the storyline, the user helps a family of Aliens make their way on earth. Cooking in the kitchen, driving a car, cleaning the house, etc. In each situation, the user plays the game by listening to the target language.

“Other apps show a flashcard of a fried egg.” says Christopher Loux, co-founder of Interact and Immerse, Inc. “In our game, you fry an egg in a pan. To learn directions, you drive a car in the gameplay. You learn by doing, by playing, just as a child acquires language. Genuine immersion guides the learner to think in the target language.

User testing for Think Bilingual! has yielded the following three key results:

  1. Users retained 70% of the target vocabulary by second gameplay.
  2. 85% of users immediately played the game in the target language, instead of translating.
  3. 100% of users had a clear understanding of the storyline and the purpose of each stage.


The current launch is a fully free version for early users and educators.

“We are launching as a free app because we want to focus on continuous development,” says Loux. “Our early adopters will be invaluable in helping us bring immersive gaming and language together. Users do not need another translation or memorization app, they need a truly immersive experience, and we want a steady stream of feedback to ensure we accomplish this goal.”

Specifications of Think Bilingual!:

  • The current launch has 44 levels covering people, directions, house, greetings, cooking.
  • New episodes will appear monthly
  • The level is basic/intermediate
  • Think Bilingual! is best for ages 8-16, but also adults at basic level
  • English, Spanish and French are in the current version. Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese are scheduled for development.


About Interact and Immerse:

Established in 2012, I&I has the company mission to “break down the walls between gaming and education.” ”Think Bilingual! is the core product, conceived from the company philosophy that learning a language should be challenging and fun, not stressful and boring. Gaming apps have tremendous potential to deliver the immersion new learners need to Think Bilingual!



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