CSR: wind turbine technology comes to the classroom – Siemens and AG Education Services recently launched a new educational module on wind turbine technology for Leaving Cert students as part of the Science & Technology in Action (STA) schools programme.

STA is produced by AG Education Services in collaboration with Ireland’s leading science and technology organisations, the Department of Education & Skills and the Irish Science Teachers’ Association.

Designed to help students grasp the impact of science and technology in their daily lives, it brings industry and education together in an innovative way by bringing science alive.

Its real life case studies engage teachers and students with powerful practical examples from the world of science, technology and engineering.

Siemens has shared its expertise to develop a classroom lesson on wind turbine technology, which explores topics such as the rising demand for energy, renewable and non-renewable sources of energy as well as describing how a generator works.

The German multinational has been a major driver of innovation in the wind power industry since 1980 when wind turbine technology was still in its infancy. In existence for more than 165 years, Siemens is active in around 190 regions, occupying leading market and technology positions worldwide with its business activities in the energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure and cities sectors.

“Siemens wants to inspire the next generation of Irish engineers through the promotion of science and engineering. We are using real life applications such as wind turbines to explain and to get young people enthusiastic about science and technology,” says Gary O’Callaghan head of energy sector at Siemens in Ireland.

“We are very happy to provide our expert knowledge to deliver education material to students. I am confident that Siemens and our partners AG Education Services can make a significant difference in this area to make the world of science and engineering available to students in a real and engaging way.”

STA ethos

According to Anna Gethings, managing director of AG Education, the fundamental ethos of STA is “to bring our young people and industry together in the classroom”.

“Designed to inspire the next generation of engineers, it is available in every second-level school in the country. The approach to engaging with students is centred on applying knowledge in areas such as science, technology engineering and mathematics (Stem) to ‘real life’ projects,” she says.

STA is part of Siemens’ general strategy in terms of helping to enrich and enhance teaching and learning around the world.

Chief executive of Siemens Limited Dublin Paul Lynam explains the thinking behind Siemens’ commitment to education: “Contributions to learning and education and co-operations with schools and universities enhance our attractiveness as an employer of choice.

“By equipping young people with crucial knowledge and skills, we pave the way to a better future. To this end, we operate a number of corporate social responsibility programmes and engage in partnerships with schools and universities.

“We are committed to ensuring that young people have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in and meet the challenges of a technology-led future.”

This article originally appeared in Irish Director magazine as part of Business & Leadership’s CSR campaign

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