Why Design Communications?

Why Design Communications? – Head of the Faculty of Design, Deirdre Doherty, explainsGriffith College

how Griffith College’s Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree in Design Communications can prepare aspiring graphic designers for a rewarding career within the design industry.

>What’s unique about the BA (Hons) in Design Communications?

At present, Griffith College’s bachelor’s course in design communications is the only level 8 qualification currently offered in Ireland in design communications so it’s quite a unique course. The three-year programme provides students with an opportunity to not only develop their design and visual skills but also study modules in business and marketing. The commercial side of the course enables learners to carry out creative design ideas on a commercially sound basis. Students explore up-to-the-minute tools and trends of the trade, including introductory and advanced web design, while receiving a solid foundation in the traditional practices and concepts of graphic design.

How do you see the design industry changing in the future?

There is an increasing professional requirement for graduates to have a competency and understanding of design thinking, marketing, branding, business and user interaction.  There is an emerging professional recognition that design thinking, innovation and marketing skills are essential within today’s design industry. Graduates with advanced design communication skills allied with business acumen will be attractive to employers in such an environment.

Design Communications is one of the most rapidly changing design disciplines, demanding that the graphic designer continuously responds with creativity and ingenuity to the demands of a visually literate public whose expectations of what is possible continue to rise higher and higher. It is a continuous challenge to the designer to create innovative visual imagery.

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